Sit Back Halter Information

Sit Back Halter Information

Thank you for your interest in our sit back halters! We have sold over 300 halters now and game changing reviews are coming in! These halters are teaching horses not to sit back. They will typically only test the halter one time, and then think twice before pulling again. If you are here to try to help your horse you will want all of the following information:

Link to halter ordering & option info, which includes pricing, all options and a sizing chart: Click HERE.

To see the original sit back “introduction” video click HERE.

Halter being sat back in videos: 

Pull back 1: “Chip pulls back unexpectedly sometimes. He pulled back with this halter and then instantly gave in and released. Normally with other halters he would pull until something would break, or flip himself over. I will be buying one of theses halters for every horse I have.” - Maci Ludwig.  Video link HERE.

Pull back 2: "He only pulled one time and then stood for an hour. He usually pulls back 4-5 times everytime hes tied." - Haylah Rauber. Video link HERE.

My own personal testimonial: I went to a barrel race, and my friends horse ended up breaking TWO trailer ties... So then she threw him in the pen where he continued to run, jump, buck, and rear... so i took my own sit back halter off my horse and gave it to her to tie him. He immediately tested the halter by stepping back, making the rope snug, and feeling the bonnet piece on his poll... then deciding he didnt want to pull back with this setup on. He stood there the rest of the evening like a complete gentelman! 

I sent her home with my halter so she could tie him the next day at home....where he also didnt pull back the entire time tied! Video link HERE:

More Reviews:

Sit Back Halter ReviewSit Back Halter Review

Sit Back Halter ReviewSit Back Halter Review

Link to halter ordering & option info, which includes pricing, all options and a sizing chart: Click HERE.

CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGMENT: By purchasing and using our sit back halter, customers acknowledge and accept the potential risks associated with equestrian activities. Rockin' A Custom Leather LLC shall not be held liable for any accidents, injuries, or damages that may occur with using our products. Customers are advised to use our Sit Back Halters responsibly and in accordance with proper equestrian practices, including having tools to cut the lead rope in case of emergencies. Use at your own discretion.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: Covers the construction of the halter itself, catching the halter on a hook or anything else is not covered. When used properly used (like the sizing photo above) there is NO stress on any of the other halter pieces. The bonnet strap is now double layer, and sewing techniques have been mastered so there are no weak areas, so moving forward if a horse breaks the bonnet there will be a $50 charge to replace it, and I will cover return shipping.

-If your horse catches its halter on a latch etc, there will be a small fee to cover replacing those pieces & return shipping would be charged. (Yes I will be able to see if this happens!!!)

-Proper cleaning & oiling is required to maintain a healthy working life. 

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