Care For Your New Products


Leaving your leather dirty/sweaty can shorten the life of your item, causing it to weaken and
become brittle. Maintenance is required to fill a long working life. Here are some care tips!

- All conchos should be tightened after a few uses, and checked on a bi-monthly basis.

- Leather should be cleaned immediately after exposure to excessive sweating. Sweat WILL
corrode hardware!

- Clean crystals/conchos with a babywipe, and clean leather with Leather New.

- Deep cleaning & oiling is suggested at least once a year. I use Golden Mink Oil for oiling.

- Store in a climate controlled area to eliminate molding or dehydration.

- If your item gets wet, its crutial to oil or condition the leather to prevent the leather  from getting hard.

- To remove tarnishing i suggest using Wrights Silver Cream.


When properly cared for, quality leather items will last a life

*Hang fringe & Angora so it hangs straight:


*Angora: To revive the curls in your Angora, simply spray with a water bottle so they are damp. Lay flat (or like photo above) to dry. Curls will reform to their natural shape. 

*Fringe: To flatten curled fringe, simply spray with a water bottle so fringe is damp. Lay on a flat surface and use your hands to flatten fringe. Let dry.

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