In Stock - Aztec Mini Saddle Pouch - Printed Blue Roses

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n Stock - Aztec Mini Saddle Pouch - Printed Blue Roses

You get the saddle pouch shown on the left. These pouches are great to carry your phone or other essential items while riding. Approximately 7" tall by 5" wide. Fits larger cell phones (such as iPhone 12+) up to 6.5". You can go a little taller, the flap closure will get shorter with anything over 6.5".

How to attach:

img-1610.jpg mini saddle pouch on saddle

Simply slide your back billet through the elastic, and pull to the top. Tie the string tightly around the back billet hole. The pouch will stay snugly against your horse, without flopping around. I have made tons of runs with my phone in my pouch and never have any issues. 

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