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After your order is made, I will take pictures and send them to you to approve before shipping.  (If you do not provide a phone number, and do not respond to my email within 48 hours your item will be sent without approval)



I do offer payment plans. Payment plans work as follows: you can either use PayPal credit at checkout (6 months no interest) OR choose "Request payment plan" at checkout and I can send you a PayPal invoice that lets you make payments. PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST A PAYMENT PLAN UNLESS YOUR READY TO PLACE YOUR DOWNPAYMENT!

 I require a down payment (1/3 of your total amount), and expect a minimum of $50 payment every two weeks, please don't make me track you down for your payment. Your name gets on my "to do" list on the date you make your down payment. Your order will not be made until you are paid in full. Payment orders are usually completed within a week after the order is paid off (or in the normal wait time if you pay really quickly). All payments are NON-refundable. 



I offer shipping outside of the USA. The prices on the website are just a rough guess on what the shipping cost may be. You will pay actual shipping (when I get to shipping the item). For example: You pay $80 at the time of purchase, when I weigh your items and figure actual shipping to be $60, you will get a $20 refund on your purchase.

I HAVE to ship to the address you provide to paypal at checkout, regardless of what you enter on my personal website. This is paypals policy.



*All conchos should be checked & tightened after a few uses, and again every couple months to prevent concho loss.

*All tack and leather items should be wiped down/cleaned after getting covered with sweat, as this is very hard on the leather & causes corrosion to hardware.

*Store your items in a dry location when not in use 

*Oil your leather about once a year to prevent cracking

*You can clean your crystals by simply using a baby wipe. I wipe down my entire tack set (leather and all) if it gets sweaty or dirty, and to make my crystals sparkle again!

*Hang fringe & Angora so it hangs straight:


*Angora: To revive the curls in your Angora, simply spray with a water bottle so they are damp. Lay flat (or like photo above) to dry. Curls will reform to their natural shape. 

*Fringe: To flatten curled fringe, simply spray with a water bottle so fringe is damp. Lay on a flat surface and use your hands to flatten fringe. Let dry.



Rockin' A Leather is committed to providing you a quality, affordable, & SAFE product. I do offer to fix most issues you may have with your items, as long as they have not been neglected or abused. All my products are handmade, all the way down to the leather and crystals on the conchos. I hand cut and put together every product. I use quality harness leathers, hardware, and swarvoski crystals.

I do NOT replace lost conchos. It is your responsibility to tighten conchos on a regular basis. I highly suggest tightening conchos after a week of use, because your leather will break in and they will need to be snugged up. Then i check every few months throughout the season.

Example: If a spot, rimset crystal, or crystal on your concho falls off. I will replace it FREE of charge, as this sometimes happens with normal use, due to the leather breaking in and getting used. You ship the item to me, I will fix and return to you. Please email me at rockinacustomleather@gmail.com before sending your items. (concho's must be cleaned before sending in to be re-bilnged)

Example: if you tie your horse to the trailer by the reins, and he pulls back and breaks the headstall, this is not covered. However I am willing to fix anything for a small fee (If its fixable). 



*I cannot return used, or custom items.

*Returns are allowed on items that were purchased as "In Stock / Ready To Ship."

*There is a 20% restock fee on these returns. Must be within 30 days of your payment.

*Due to sanitary reasons, there are NO returns allowed on earring purchases.




If you would like an option, hide, or anything else that is not shown on this website please send me an email. I would be more than happy to assist and make your totally custom tack set. You can email me at rockinacustomleather@gmail.com.

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