Order Process, Payment Information, Shipping


Once you have decided what options you'd like you will place your order through the website. Please be sure to include as much detail as possible to be sure you get what you are wanting.

We post the current turn around time on the main page of the website. For example: "Current turn around is approx 3-4 weeks" means that your order should be completed within 3-4 weeks from the day you pay for your order. Most of this wait time is creating orders that came in before you, as we work in order of date paid. 

If you need help with visualizing your order we do offer consultations, click HERE for more information. 

How it works:

1.) Order is placed on the website

2.) When its your turn: If everything is clear on your order form you will not hear from me. If I feel something wont look right, or is confusing on my end I will contact you at this time. 

3.) Items are created and photos are sent to you via FB messages. If you have never messaged me (or ordered with a different name) I will text the phone number on the billing portion of your order. Typically I ship items out within 4-24 hours after sending photos.


I offer shipping outside of the USA. The prices on the website are just a rough guess on what the shipping cost may be. You will pay actual shipping (when I get to shipping the item). For example: You pay $80 at the time of purchase, when I weigh your items and figure actual shipping to be $60, you will get a $20 refund on your purchase.

Paypal - when you pay on the paypal screen make sure that you choose correct shipping address. This is where your items will be shipped to and I can NOT change it. If you need the address changed I will have to refund and resend the invoice. If this happens Paypal does not refund fees paid so I will have to add those fees to your next invoice. NO exceptions.

If you would like an option, hide, or anything else that is not shown on this website please send me an email. I would be more than happy to assist and make your totally custom tack set. You can email me at rockinacustomleather@gmail.com.

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