Confused with all the options? Don't know what will look good together? Will my choices look good? I offer consultations just for YOU!


How it works: You need to have a basic idea of what you are looking for. Look through our FB page and IG (@rockinacustomleather) for examples of what you like. You should have some hides, conchos, style of the item, leather color and buckles picked out that you like and want to see together.

- List of current buckles: CLICK

- List of current hides: CLICK

- List of current conchos: CLICK

- List of current leather colors: CLICK

Once you have this general idea ready add consultation to your cart and checkout (Listed below this explanation).

I will contact you to see what time works to setup a facetime/facebook session. This will be limited to business hours. (7:00AM to 3:30PM CST Mon-Fri) This is also limited to 20 minutes at the very most, so its important to have all your ideas together. 

Cost for consultations is $40.00 and includes me setting up an invoice for you after the session. (You wont have to order through the website) This is in addition to the price of your items.

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