Friends w/ Equine Gear

I would like to share some businesses that I enjoy & businesses that also support me. So I made this page to be able to share my equine related friends. If you need some of the products they offer please check them out! Each name is a link that will take you directly to their website.


WhinneyWear - I get all my reins from Lindsey at winneywear! She also offers sports boots that I really enjoy. She has stock at all times, and can also make unique custom boots as well!

whinneywear sport bootswhinneywear sport bootswhinneywear reins



Special C Muletape - I order all my muletape halters from Chelsea at Special C. These are also what you get when you order a noseband with a muletape halter from me. If you need a quality halter look her up!

Noseband with muletape halterNoseband with muletape halterNoseband with muletape halter

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