Custom Wicked Style Breastcollar

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Custom Wicked Style Breastcollar

Custom wicked style breastcollars come in the shape of the breastcollar on the left with 4 conchos, and choices from the options below.  Any style headstall will pair with this breastcollar.


Anything specific needs to be noted in the special instructions, It is best to be as specific as possible.  

 Current turn around time is posted on the main page of the website. (Starts from date paid)


Selected Wing Style: is
Selected Leather Color is
Selected Hide Choice is
Selected Concho Style is
Selected Buckle Style is
Selected Spots or Crystals on border? (Finish color will match Conchos) is
Selected Add Buckstich/Whipstich? (Not available with a spot/crystal boarder) is
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